Meet the EEH Staff:

About Us

Since 1875 East End House has offered innovative programming to the community and continues to strive for excellence as we look to the future. Our programs have received numerous accolades and distinctions. In 2010 East End House became the first in the country to be accredited as an overall agency and to earn separate accreditation for the School Age and Middle School Programs through the Council on Accreditation (COA). In both 2009 and 2010 the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the United Neighborhood Centers of America recognized excellence in family engagement programming through the national Families Count: Family Strengthening Award. East End House was also awarded the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network’s Management Award in 2010. The agency continues to create innovative and essential programs for the children, youth, families, and seniors in our community. 

East End House community center uses a holistic approach to promote the well-being, academic achievement, and successful transition to adulthood of children and youth from under-resourced families in Cambridge and surrounding communities. As part of this approach, East End House provides support services to a diverse population, from infants to seniors, to strengthen family and community.

Our Past

East End House is one of Greater Boston's oldest social service centers. In its early years the agency was a vital resource for newly immigrated and lower income individuals and families. Since our inception, East End House has continued to respond to changing community needs. Well-baby clinics at the turn of the century, New Deal Programs during the Great Depression, multilingual energy audits for  lower-income families in the seventies, and expanding the facility in the early nineties to increase programming all epitomize our response to evolving needs. In 2006 our School Age Program became the first nationally accredited program of its kind in Cambridge. In recent years we have expanded and diversified elder programming, started the Free Farmer's Market targeting low-income isolated and disabled seniors, and launched Middle School and Youth Mentoring Programs.

Our Present

Today, as a dynamic community center, we continue to meet community needs through innovative programs that support families and individuals of every age and ability. Our innovative and outcome-driven programs support families and individuals through evidence-based curriculum that prepares preschoolers for Kindergarten and gives school age and middle school youth the skills to become successful adults. Programming supports the whole family with comprehensive services like the Food Pantry, Community Workshops, Parent Education and Senior Programming. Our goals are to:

  • Serve families and individuals of all ages with exceptional programming that meets the evolving needs of the community
  • Create opportunities for those who have been traditionally denied access due to social and economic barriers
  • Engage volunteers to strengthen the capacity of the agency and build a sense of community
  • Maintain a highly motivated and well-trained staff
  • Continually assess community needs and respond with innovative, evidence-based programming.
  • Rigorously document and evaluate programs to ensure high-quality and impact

Our Future

East End House continually evaluates and expands programming in areas where there is greatest need. Current developing projects include, building capacity to begin more intensive programming for high school youth; expanding the number of youth served in all programs; expanding and diversifying senior programs to meet the needs of younger and isolated seniors; and offering increased support to parents of young children. We will continue to share knowledge and practices so we can best serve the entire community. From our historical past to our promising future East End House continues to be committed to making our community stronger. We strive to be the best community center anywhere. East End House looks forward to the challenge of providing programs and services that create long-lasting, life changing experiences for our participants.

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